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Big Picture Farm is looking for a 2022 Apprentice/year long position. An entry-level position, this character fills a vital role on of our farm as a kind of Renaissance farm-hand/confectioner/agritourism host/all-star person. You will be tasked with learning almost all of the varieties of jobs that exist on the farm. You will milk goats, make cheese, make caramel, tend the gardens, greet the airbnb guests, help wash sheets and clean, help host farm events, milk goats some more, muck stalls, take out the garbage, wack weeds and mow grass, feed and fence in the pigs, flip compost piles, weed the garden again, and then head to the farmer's market to sell our goodies. You will fall in love with a herd of goats, a couple of dogs, a handful of cats, and the tastiest eggs you’ve ever had from our flock of hens. By the end of your stay you will know how to do everything we do on the farm.


Who are we? We are just starting our 12th year as a farm and as a business. We have a dedicated and incredible core staff that you will be working with in all the various spheres. And with that, the hours vary as the nature of the job flows in and out of seasons. In late April and early May you will be a goat doula and midwife. You will get up in the middle of the night to check in with the pregnant ladies, and rise at dawn to see if any new kiddos have arrived. While we wait for summer to come into full swing, you will be helping prep the grounds for another season. Once goat kidding season is over, more of a schedule starts to take hold and the rhythm of milking, pasture rotation, caramel and cheese production and flipping of airbnbs takes over. You will learn a ton, and we will be patient with you as you learn, but you will also work hard, and the tasks are not always glamorous – often things are quite repetitive. As agritourism becomes a larger piece of our puzzle, we spend a lot of time making the farm look nice. We are always adding new garden beds, which means moving rocks, moving compost, more weeding and weed wacking. Guests come and go and that means farm tours and goat hangouts, but it also means changing sheets, greeting guests, tending to their needs, and maintaining a smile. It's a perfect job for someone who craves farm-life not just for its romance but also for its grit and hard work.


A decent portion of this job is also making caramel from the goats milk, which can often be a different skill-set than that of farming, so anyone with a particular affinity towards confections/chocolates/kitchen work is desirable.


The nature of this position is diverse and will yield much knowledge in every realm of the farm and business. Therefore someone with a positive attitude is paramount, as well as someone who is flexible and enjoys the hybrid nature of farm-life. Bonus points for any applicants who are also willing to do a minor amount of childcare as part of the position. 


This is a paid position. Housing is available in a tiny house down the road from the farm. 40-45 hours a week. 2 days off a week normally tues/wed or wed/thurs. Weekends are required.  Must have a reliable car since we live very rurally. Would be thrilled to hire someone locally that does not need housing. Must be available to start in April and stay until Dec 20th, 2022.

COMPENSATION: this position is $15/hr

TO APPLY: Email us a cover letter and resume, including three references (at least two professional references) to: