Big Picture Farm is looking for a 2024 Hybrid Farmer starting April 20th, and staying for a minimum of one year. An entry-level position, this character fills a vital role on our farm as a kind of Renaissance farm-hand/goat milker/caramel packer/nanny/agritourism host/all-star person. You will be tasked with learning almost all of the varieties of jobs that exist on the farm. You will milk goats, tend the gardens, greet the airbnb guests, pack caramels, host goat hangouts, and potentially help look after our two young girls. A typical week might include: three to four mornings of goat milkings and farm chores. In the first few months it is very farm heavy as our herd of goats is due to kid at the end of April, so there will be lots of baby goats to be fed and goats trained to the milking parlor. In the summer there is pasture work in between helping flip airbnbs and working in the garden. In the fourth quarter there is work in our shop packing caramels for holiday sales.  Helping pick up our kids from school is also a task. For the right person it might also include work in the creamery helping make caramel and chocolates. 

Who are we? We are just in our 14th year as a farm and as a business. We have a dedicated and mighty - but tiny - staff that you will be working with in all the various spheres. And with that, the hours vary as the nature of the job flows in and out of seasons and our kids go in and out of school.  Working weekends is required though. Our caramel sales are top heavy in the fall so that is heavy on caramel packing. The summer months are filled with pasture work, making caramel, milking and working in the garden and on the homesteading elements of our farm. 

A portion of this job is also watching our two girls and driving them around (in our car) from school to home in the late afternoon as we have a long commute. They are 4 and 7 years old and love being outside, art, cooking, imaginary worlds, and of course all of their animals.

The nature of this position is diverse and will yield much knowledge in every realm of the farm and business. Therefore someone with a positive attitude is paramount, as well as someone who is flexible and enjoys the hybrid nature of farm-life. Other than a big heart, open attitude, solid work ethic and love for children no experience is required. We welcome all to apply.

This is a paid position, 40 hours a week. Housing is provided on the farm in a bright and well appointed tiny house overlooking fields and mountains.  As we live very rurally, having reliable transportation is key.  We are hoping to find someone that can start Mid April and make a year long commitment. Due to the nature of the position - being able to lift 50 lbs and being comfortable with long days on your feet is required. 

COMPENSATION: this position is $20/hr + benefits (dental, employer matched 401k)

TO APPLY: Email us at: with a bit about what you have been up to and why you now want to work for us.