Our top-choice! Fellow Vermont maker of beautiful wood shavings that are made from Vermont-harvested Aspen trees and are 100% home compostable. Order directly from them off their website as little as 2.5 cubic feet at a time for $50 plus shipping or a pallet of 100 cubic feet for $350 plus freight.

Green Cell Foam

They specialize in corn starch foam, made from US-grown corn. This biodegradable and compostable material can be custom-fit to any shipping need, dissolving in water or composting easily at home. Must order a minimum of 1 pallet at a time.


A unique, paper void fill option that's ideal for protecting heavy items in shipping. Ships on a pallet of flat paper sheets but requires a separate expander machine; the cost is that it's less convenient to use BUT the payoff is that it requires 1/25th the space of pre-expanded materials when it comes to storage space. Made from certified sustainable substrates or post-industrial waste.

Airwave Air Pillows

Home compostable alternative to plastic film air pillows. Made with recycled paper with a wafer-thin compostable sealing layer inside. Requires a $1500 machine to fill them--so there's an upfront cost. But works well for light to very light goods. Easy to purchase in small quantities.


The Flexi-Hex® is an innovative, protective packaging sleeve made from 100% recycled paper that helps protect fragile products in transit. In other words, Flexi-Hex is a superior alternative for unsustainable bubble wrap, air filled plastic and poorly designed packaging that creates excess waste. Can purchase small amounts through EcoEnclose.

Compostable Peanuts

Similar to the standard shipping peanuts of yore; but these are made from starch and so are compostable. $25 per 14 cubic foot bag and available through W.B. Mason.

GreenWrap Honeycomb Paper

The white tissue paper liner and outer layer of white or brown expandable honeycomb paper are made from certified, sustainably sourced virgin paper. Artfully mold GreenWrap around your products to provide a beautiful presentation while taking up less room than traditional plastic bubbles.

Mushroom Packaging

Seems like it's only available to high volume/bigger companies at this time, but this is a clever concept. Ecovative Design LLC created a new compostable packaging material by growing mycelium together with agricultural matter. Mushroom® Packaging is 100% home and marine compostable at the end of use.