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Raw Honey: 1/2 lb Jar
Raw Honey: 1/2 lb Jar

Raw Honey: 1/2 lb Jar


Vermont made honey from our friends at Republic of Vermont. Their honey bee colonies are located in the Champlain Valley and their entire apiary is treatment free---they don't use antibiotics, miticides or chemicals on their colonies. A sustainable apiary with an oh so delicious result! 

A teaspoon in your favorite cup of tea, drizzled on yoghurt, or our favorite - next to a hunk of aged goat cheese, you can not go wrong. A wonderful way to add a little of natures sweet gold to your morning or afternoon. Makes a great pairing with our honey truffles. 

 Republic of Vermont has won two Good Food Awards and has been featured in Yankee Magazine's PBS show Weekend's with Yankee.

**1/2 Lb Jar

**A note on raw honey:

Honey has never been heated which means it crystallizes over time. This thickening of the honey is completely natural and does not mean the honey has gone bad. You can enjoy it crystalized or place it in warm water to gentle return it to liquid form.