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The ULTIMATE Confection Collection

The ULTIMATE Confection Collection

Introducing our  Confection Collection. Savor with a glass of wine or aperitif, an elegant way to begin or end any evening of love. Or just leave on someones doorstep. Mail it to them with a note. Anyway it comes, it will be loved and you will be loved and love is in the air. Ribbon color will be a seasonal color.


3 goat turtles - caramel on a bed of cashews, enrobed in dark chocolate, with askinosie white chocolate eyes.

3 of our goat milk truffles. A dark chocolate ganached spiked with brandy. Velvety and delicious.

6 of our chocolate covered goat milk caramels

4 of our signature best selling sea salt and vanilla caramels.

This box is a dream come true. 


*PLEASE BE AWARE - chocolates are SUPER fresh and made to order, so your chocolate order may take up to a week to ship.