Due to a high volume of orders plus covid, expect one week for orders to be filled prior to shipping. Thank YOU!

Winter Truffle Collection

Warm mulled wine, snowy walks, evenings by the fire with friends. We tried our best to put a little bit of Vermont winter goodness in this truffle collection which features a maple pecan Truffle, a white chocolate eggnog truffle featuring honey, spices and dark rum from Old Route Two Spirits, and a delicious hazelnut truffle. Sweetened with our farmstead honey this collection is pure gold.

The 6 piece box contains two each of the eggnog, hazelnut, and maple pecan truffle. 12 piece box is contains 3 each of the above, plus 3 of our classic dark chocolate truffle.

Bulk boxes of 20 and 40 are a delight for parties! They are perfect laid out on a platter with your after dinner drinks. 

These little beauties need to be eaten fast - within a couple weeks - not that you will be able to resist them longer than that! For that reason they are also MADE TO ORDER, which can take up to a week. So plan ahead!