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Big Picture Farm Advent Calendar

This little diddy is a beautiful labor of love sure to delight all and last for decades. Farm drawings have been screen printed onto 100% cotton and then sewn onto linen by our friends down in Pennsylvania. It can be used as a countdown for anytime of year - a graduation, a birthday, an exam, anything really...and then refilled with any type of treat you desire! The pockets measure 3inx 3in. We obviously think filling the pockets with caramels is an excellent idea :). In fact, each pocket does fit 4 caramels, so if you wanted to share this 4-ways (or say, with 2 caramels, if there were 2 kids who wanted to share...), and everyone gets one piece a day, that works great! It has two wooden dowels and hangs on a piece of jute. Measures 20x24.

Can not be shipped 2day (only ground or USPS)

 Caramels sold separately